for NIKE

Shining a light on Nike's reflective range.

Shedding some light

Nike challenged us to create a Digital Mirror experience that showed consumers just how highly-reflective their new Flash Pack shoes and jackets were.

Get ready to shine

Participants signed up for the experience using our iPad app which also controlled the Digital Mirror from start to finish. Once the consumer had both the shoe and the jacket on it was time to begin!

Light it up

Stepping up in front of the Digital Mirror the consumer could see a live feed of their new look. Then came the “Wow!” moment - we shot a beam of light towards the highly-reflective clothes which illuminated right in front of the consumer's eyes.

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Flash photography

Now that they were lit up, the consumer then posed for 4 photos, using the iPad to choose their favourite one to email themselves.

In the spotlight

After receiving their photo by email, participants could share socially using Facebook and Twitter links included as well as links to the Flash Pack Collection on nike.com

Across Europe

We also set up and distributed 68 computers and screens to Nike Stores all over Europe for the Flash Pack launch

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