Take the blue pill.

Stand design

FlexTech’s brief was to wow the crowd at the PPMA Trade Show in Birmingham. We took some striking photographs of their hoses for the 4m high clad walls, a custom-made manifold display sat beside a discreet cupboard that held the video hardware and some handy storage space. At the centre stood our spectacular giant LED cylinder and its energetic content.

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A giant hose

The hero of the stand was a 4m tall, custom built, seamless LED cylinder screen. Six sections of specially constructed rolled steel framework, anchored by a bespoke base, supported the flexible LED panels and all the necessary cabling to bring the whole stand to life.

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LED content

An unconventional 3-dimensional screen like this demanded some unique 3-dimensional content. We 3D scanned FlexTech’s hose range, and seamlessly recreated their braided hose textures. Then using 3D modelling, we turned the LED column into a giant braided hose that would fade to reveal flowing beer, milk, steam, and pharmaceutical pills.


We also designed two items of bespoke furniture from concept to construction: a coffee table and bar table. Each was produced using FlexTech’s own braided hose range; resulting in two unique, eye-catching pieces. The finishing touch were a couple of edgy chairs by famous designer Karim Rashid.

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