Rethinking the UK’s largest independent dairy

A moo-ssive website

Explore how milk gets from cow to your fridge in this illustrated website. As you scroll through you'll see the Medina countryside transition from day to night.

Delivering a fresh brand

Medina only use British suppliers so when it came to reinventing the brand we had this in mind. We brought a bit of the great British countryside to their new look, illustrating a whole Medina countryside scene. From rolling hills to the farmyard animals, the look was simple and playful.

Full fat literature

The new look has been splashed across Medina's literature. If you line up the business cards one after the other they make up the countryside scene!

Keep on trucking!

See a giant cow pass you on the motorway? That was our fault - we revamped Medina's whole fleet with the countryside scene across each vehicle.

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