Helping busy mothers keep the most important things in life close to them.

A sound strategy

Kensington approached us to relaunch their Proximo alarm system - designed to sound if you leave your keys or smartphone behind. Our campaign was tailored to speak to young tech-savvy mothers who could use some help keeping tabs on their belongings during their busy day. We devised new brand guidelines and assets covering tone of voice, revised logo, image styleguides and strategy to communicate across multiple mediums.

A new brand for a new approach

Proximo alerts you when you've left your valuables behind, so our new logo features a visual interpretation of that alarm sounding, helping consumers understand the function of the product faster.

Lifestyle videos

We shot three commercials showing how Proximo makes the lives of busy mums easier. Each advert was designed to be part of a overarching story with filming taking place in three different locations - at home, down the gym and in a cafe where all the mums finally meet up.

Lifestyle photography

To ensure a consistent look and feel, we shot Proximo's campaign photography at the same time as filming the three commercials - on location with the same actors.

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Website & product tours

Young mums love their tech, so our website had to be responsive - allowing them to browse at work, home and on the move. Our interactive tours let mums check out Proximo before clicking through to purchase via several online retailers. Finally, social features allowed mums who love Proximo to spread the word on blogs and Facebook.

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