The Pride of Chelsea

Rotating Video Totems

Six towering video totems feature players welcoming fans into the store, each has the ability to rotate 180 degrees to allow for increased consumer flow on match days.

Pride Animations

To celebrate Nike & CFC's new partnership and the launch of the Megastore we created striking custom video content for all the screens we had just installed! Our expertise meant that we knew exactly what content would look great - each video totem featured individual player content.

Transforming Video Wall

Two footwear walls sit either side of our giant six-panel video wall. These walls then slide together and transform into one large display in front of the video wall to maximise store space.

Don't stop now!

Why wouldn't we celebrate this beautiful connection even further, and bring these animations into stores all over London. Starting at Nike Town London as an obvious choice, installing screens in Harrods and going into all the JD stores across the UK.


I want one!

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