for NIKE

An immersive personalised VR experience in the heart of NikeTown, London.

A seamless consumer flow

To celebrate a successful break-through in self-lacing sneaker technology and the bringing to life of the new Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, we designed an integrated consumer experience which included an iPad Controller app, a personalised 360 VR experience and a multi-camera motion capture moment.

Concierge iPad check-in

Exclusive to NikeTown, London and living in the SNKR Cube consumers were able to select a time slot in advance via the Nike App. As they arrived in store consumers would check in via an iPad. A concierge would then take you up to the cube via a branded lift to begin your experience.

Personalised VR experience

Upon entering the space consumers would take a seat in their allocated booth chosen by the Nike App. Consumers would then be fitted with an Oculus Rift VR headset and immersion would commence. Each participant was welcomed by name and transported to Tinker's creative studio in Portland where you would meet the man himself who would talk you through the inspirations and work involved in designing Nike's new HyperAdapt 1.0 sneaker.

Integrated digital totems

To add extra theatre and interest to the space 48 custom-made LED totems were built that could be seen from across the 2nd floor of NikeTown. Scrolling animations and a software shell was developed that talked to the iPad controller allowing these colour changes at key moments of the VR experience.

Multi-camera capture

Once your VR experience was finished participants tried on these amazing sneakers, walked around the space and stood in front of an infinity mirror. A multi-camera capture setup recorded video of the shoes at various key angles that was sent out to each consumer at the end of their experience. To support this process a camera server was developed and a consumer tracking/signup database created.

Google cardboard takeaway

Completing the sneaker trial meant you were gifted with an exclusive Google Cardboard takeaway which could be used to experience the VR once again in the comfort of your own home. An emailer was sent of the multi-camera capture moments with links to the VR for your Google Cardboard.


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