for NIKE

A game changing approach to trialling football boots.

Enter the cage

We created a digital play space featuring a custom-built LED net, an invisible Infra-red net system, digital kickboards with custom vibration sensors and a marker-less motion tracking system designed to capture every touch, pass and kick.

LED Net & Motion Graphics

We custom built a 3-sided LED net with IR sensors to understand when it has been hit by the ball. We created bespoke motion graphics to appear on the net to show players countdown timers, play instructions and random targets to strike.

Phantom and Mercurial Trials

Each trial was created in collaboration with a Nike Master Trainer to ensure authenticity and be fun to play. The trials are designed around key benefits of the Phantom and Mercurial boots – precision and speed. Performance is scored so players can come back again and beat their score.

iPad Controller

A custom-built iPad app controls the whole experience – from player sign up, initiating trials and tracking scores.


Upon completion of each trial the consumer would receive their final score via email and if they were good enough, not only get the chance to be seen on the top 10 leaderboard instore but represent their London borough in future Trial competitions.

VR Proof of concept

Before the Cage was a reality it was designed in VR, enabling Nike’s Leadership to step inside and accurately see what the experience would feel like before it was even built.


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