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Immersive and Interactive Gaming

A perfect mix of Design, Motion Graphics and Technology resulted in a magical interactive experience allowing passers-by to interact with the shop window of the Tommy Hilfiger store in Regent St . Transforming the store into a giant slot machine, consumers could win tickets to the Tommy Now Rock Circus Fashion Show at the Roundhouse amongst many other gifts.

Unique User Experiences

Based on initial designs from our friends at ilovedust, we created a completely new range of graphics to bring to life the immersive slot machine installation. We created 35 different animations to ensure the experience for each consumer was unique. We wanted to keep the audience excited while they waited their turn.

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A Rockstar Interface

As an integrated agency, OMM worked hard across all its divisions to turn this project around in a very short space of time. Through rocking graphics, gigantic LED screens and magical touch sensor technology, we delivered a truly immersive and fun-to-play interactive game on the streets of London.

We Have a Winner!

To make sure consumers could claim their prize as quickly and easily as possible, we built a microsite. Consumers entered their generated code, to find out what prize they had won. 187 prizes were given out over a nine-day period.


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