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London's fastest consumer digital retail experience

London's fastest

Take Nike's Zoom Elite shoes for a run on our latest NikeTown London digital retail experience.

Step up to the challenge

Upon entering NikeTown consumers were greeted with an invitation to try on a pair of ultra-responsive Zoom Elite running shoes. Once fitted they were invited to trial their shoes and become one of London's fastest.

Controlling your speed

Using a network enabled iPad app controller system. Consumers were registered for their trial and taken through a short induction warm up to get their heads in the game.

Ready, steady, go!

We created a consumer trial experience centering around a 5m diameter circular LED screen and a pair of self-propelled treadmills that can track speed data. Participants then got the chance to see if they could run fast enough to get on the leaderboard and become one of London's fastest.

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Showing the world

Once each participant had completed their speed trial they were sent an email providing them with their top speed and how they rank against London's Fastest. They could then share this with the world and prove their prowess via the shareable links.

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